Software Base Station FAQ

Software Base Station was designed to allow 2 or more computers running OS X.1 to communicate via Airport.



DSL Connections

WebSharing, FileSharing Trouble

DNS and Search Domains

***General Tip: Start the Server before the Client. For some reason, this allows the connection to be shared more easily

**It will not work if the client is running OS 9.x**

1. My Computers can't ping each other? What do I change?

You must confirm that both computers are running OS X.1 and have Airport 2 software installed. Confrim that all settings below are exactly the same on your setup.

A. Make sure each has the same subnet, i.e., etc.

B. Make sure each computer has an IP of (server) and

C. Tell the client to have a router IP of

D. Then, create a "Computer To Computer" Network. I like to name mine Home.

With all of these settings correct, you should be able to ping each computer via the terminal.

Use the command "ping" from the server, and "ping" from the client

2. My computers can ping each other. Now what?

You will have to configure the hostconfig file (which was done by using the "Modify Hostconfig" button on the terminal tab).

Then, use IPNetShare X to configure for your connnection. It should walk you through setup with out any trouble. Restart, and you should be up an running (remember to reconnect Computer to Computer Network).

3. I have a DSL Connection via PPPoe, Its not working?

Every DSL provider is different. So it is hard to diagnose the exact cause fo the problem.

4. I am having trouble using WebSharing, File Transfer and other such services after using Airport Software Base Station. How do I fix this?

There have been reports, although small in number, of Airport Software Base Station corrupting the hostconfig file. This usually happens with people who have multiple services running at the time of install. This is not advised, as it complicates the install procedure. But, if you are reading this, then it has probably happened to you. Here is how to fix it.

type into the terminal "sudo -s", enter admin pass. Then, type the follwing "mv(space)~/documents/backup_hostconfig/original/hostconfig(space)/etc/"

This will replace the hostconfig file in /etc/ with the original unmodified hostconfig file. This will definitely resurrect your services.

5. What are my Domain Name Servers and Search Domain(s)?

I have found that OS X's Network Preferences do not show all of the network settings. I suggest booting in OS 9 (on the server), and copying the settings down from the TCP/IP control panel. Then reboot in OS X (on the client) and insert them in their respective place in the Network Preferences on the client.

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