Airport Software Base Station Tutorial
Airport Software Base Station Tutorial
This is what you want. Airport Software Base Station Tutorial for Mac OS X 10.0.x and 10.2.x
Source Code
This is the source to Airport Software Base Station Tutorial. If you're interested in the interfacing/scritpting, this is what you're looking for
If you are having problems, check here for some common issues

Data Structures (CPSC 118)
Red-Black Trees code from Ford-Topp Book:

Updated Version
As many of you know, the code provided by our current textbook includes some errors. Specifically, antiquated header files that are no longer in use. I have modified the rbtree class so that it will compile under the current gcc compiler (3.4.1). Included are 4 files. You must include them all in your directory. The file of most importance is "d_rbtree.cpp". Include this file in your dictionary definition to have access to the Red-Black tree implementation. Here is the updated version
Original Verstion

Acoustic Localization Software Analysis (Coming Soon)
It is currently inaccessible due to the hurricane.